Useful links and associated partners

Here you will find useful links which include sources of further information relevant to the project. There are also links to other projects in the field of social enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Useful links

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This project is funded and managed through the UK National Agency.

This project follows the principles of ECVET.

Related projects

The Safe Arrival Project is a consortium of five European partners. They are working to share a screening tool that predicts which young people are likely to risk becoming NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and drop out.

The ESSE project aims to increase students’ employment skills & economic growth through social enterprise.

Youth Talent to Market is an Erasmus+ funded strategic partnership that aims to develop enterprise skills in artists and artisans, with a view to helping them start or manage their art business. The project aims to develop, test and adopt innovative  practices that will support artisans to develop and sustain a business in this sector. The partnership is composed of three organisations that work in the creative sector: