There are five partners involved in the App.t project consortium.

University of Wolverhampton logo

University of Wolverhampton (England)

The University of Wolverhampton is a large UK Higher Education Institution. The university aims to be a University of Opportunity, renowned for creativity and innovation. It develops students and staff who are entrepreneurial, eminently employable and well connected within a research and professionally informed environment. The mission is to be an employer-focused university. We are connected with local, national and global communities. We deliver opportunity and academic excellence.


Siawns Teg logo

Siawns Teg Limited (Wales)

Siawns Teg is a Registered Company and Charity based in rural mid-Wales.  It supports people who feel excluded from work, further learning, and community worth (mainly young people).  We are experts in developing informal and non-formal learning tools and identifying routes to formal qualifications.  We provide Formal Training courses as an Accredited Centre, awarded by Agored Cymru (the Welsh Awarding Body).  We work to the quality and evaluation systems required to be a Formal Educator by Agored Cymru.


VSL logo

VsI GALVOCIUS (Lithuania)

(until December 2016)

VsI GALVOCIUS is a non-profit organization founded in 2012. It focuses its attention and directs its activities towards non-formal education and training of different social groups (children, youth, adults, socially sensitive and vulnerable people).  It creates, develops and implements:

  • Alternative methods for non-formal education;;
  • Solutions for reduction of social exclusion;
  • Professional competence development initiatives. In particular, for non-formal training of professionals of education and social integration.


VHS logo

Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. (Germany)

The Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham e.V. counts as one of the largest adult education centres in Bavaria. We offer traditional language and culture-related courses as standard. We also match our program to the needs of the people within the region. We provide them with opportunities for attaining vocational qualifications and obtaining employment. Every year an impressive number of young people pass the (Qualifying) Certificate of Secondary Education. For most of them, we can find an apprenticeship or training position. A lot of adults find their way back to the labour market after taking one of our further education training courses.


FM Consulting logo

FM Consulting s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

FM Consulting (FMC) was founded in 2007. Immediately after its establishment, it became a key provider of consulting and training for a wide range of clients. We specialize in less usual services on the market. These include providing education in the field of information and communication technologies with use of the latest technology and teaching methods. We also specialise in projects focused on know- how and good practice transition in education with international overlap.