Events and gallery

Events funded through the App.t project

Transnational Project Meetings

    • Kick-off meeting – Wolverhampton, UK, 3 and 4 March 2015 – this meeting has taken place. Partners who had not already worked together had the opportunity to meet each other for the first time. Staff from the University of Wolverhampton provided detailed information about project management and quality assurance, as well as an overview of the project. Partners also took the opportunity to have a brainstorming session about the desired content and features of the app. These were then reviewed with the University of Wolverhampton’s technical contact in charge of app development, who was able to confirm what would be possible within the timescale and remit of the project.

App.t project partners

  • Partner meeting – Prague, Czech Republic, 5-6 April 2016 – this meeting has taken place. Partners discussed the trainee and trainer guide to be produced as part of IO5, as well as the current status of the content adaptation and piloting within the project. Partners went through a detailed review of the existing content and agreed timescales for the final content. Partners also discussed the final multiplier conference, and the interim report due on 30 June 2016.Group mtg 2


  • Final meeting – Wolverhampton, 21 June 2017. This meeting tied in with the project’s final conference, and allowed the partners to discuss the end of the project. This included aspects such as commercialisation, sustainability and intellectual property rights. Partners also discussed feedback from previous piloting sessions and how these had been incorporated into the app.

Multiplier events

  • National events – UK, DE, CZ. Each partner has hosted one or two national events to showcase the project progress and results. These events took place during the second half of the project.
  • Final conference – Wolverhampton, UK, 20 June 2017. The project final conference was held in the UK, hosted by University of Wolverhampton.  It was open to key experts, policy makers, employers, end users, trainers, other stakeholders and the project Advisory Steering Board. It provided information about the project, the needs analysis findings, outcomes from piloting and testing and the app content. Most importantly, it provided delegates with the opportunity to use the app themselves through a series of workshops. All partners were involved and gave a range of presentations and workshops, along with those delivered by external experts and end users.

Relevant events

Other relevant events have also taken place.

  • VET4Start-Up project Joint Staff Training Event – Wolverhampton, UK, 5-9 October 2015. Partners from the VET4Start-Up project will attend a training event in Wolverhampton, and will also offer an opportunity for people to test their Massive Open Online Course about business start-up.