Easy-read app

Here you can access an html version of the app with black text on a light background, as well as a workbook and the extras in a simple version with black text, for you to print on coloured paper if this makes it easier for you to read.

If you want to change the colour of the web app background, you can install the CareYourEyes extension in Chrome or ColourThatSite add-in in Firefox.

If you are reading the web app in Chrome, you can install the OpenDyslexic browser extension. This will change the font to OpenDyslexic and reformat the web page to make it clearer to read.

If you want to listen to the app text while or instead of reading it, there are two options:

Reference – Nightingale, R., 2016. Reading on the web with dyslexia? Here’s how to make it easier. [Accessed on 27 June 2017].