Employability and App.t – Erasmus+ learning network

A meeting table with a sheet of flipchart paper with hand-written questions about employability
Questions from the employability network

On Thursday 4 December 2015 the App.t project manager attended an Erasmus+ learning network on employability (options for widening participation and measuring impact were also available). These learning networks are a fantastic opportunity to meet other people who are running European projects in the UK, and to find out more about other projects in the field.

Within the employability network, discussions took place around the barriers to employer involvement, particularly for SMEs, and how to engage students and ensure that they have meaningful interaction with employers.  The picture above shows the wide range of questions for further consideration that the group came up with!

One of the key outcomes of these learning networks is more information on existing projects funded by the UK National Agency. At the employability workshop, project managers presented on relevant projects under the LLP and Erasmus+ programmes:

VoCoL Triangles – Using cooperative learning to promote employer engagement – top tip: Work with innovation-friendly employers

IDEATE – Interdisciplinary entrepreneurial application for transforming education in high technologies – top tip: Smaller universities outside of Western Europe can be more agile and have less bureaucracy to go through when validating qualifications

Destiny РDeveloping Employability Skills through Innovative Education using MOOCs for Youth Рtop tip: Make the most of new technologies to engage young learners

We also heard about work done with NEETs in the Vale of Glamorgan through Key Action 1 mobilities and there were some really inspiring stories: teenagers without aspirations who had gone on a mobility and then realised what they wanted to do with their life, and had gone on to have successful careers, in many cases still working outside of the UK. This really clearly demonstrated the benefits of mobility activities in producing European citizens who can transfer their skills and work in a range of countries.

It was great to hear from so many motivated and passionate individuals in the field of employability, who are all focused on the goal of enhancing employment opportunities for young people not only in the UK, but throughout Europe.